Influences motivating us to create a timeline

Influences motivating us to create a timeline

How our influences motivated us to create a timeline for the games we developed.

On different occasions we have said that the video games we make are strongly inspired by the great classics that we play in different stages of our lives, this time we want to say that all the adventures that we develop in Nape Games are directly related to each other so that they constitute a universe in addition to forming a timeline that allows us to create a more solid setting and argumentation when presenting each of the games separately, that is, thanks to this it is possible to define exactly which direction we can direct our upcoming releases without the need to develop a ludonarrative structure from scratch, which allows us to have a development stage focused on other key aspects of the game in question.

Where did the idea of ​​establishing a timeline come from?

As is well known, many videogame sagas like Megaman, The Legend of Zelda, Shantae or Kunio-kun and even manga like Macross or Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure have a pre-established chronological order so that when we are playing or reading we can appreciate how the game progresses history in a much more direct way thanks to the interconnection of events between the different parts that make up the saga and this allows us to develop a story that adapts perfectly to all the games we intend to develop.

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